114 mm ice cream stick bundled unmilled

114 mm ice cream stick bundled unmilled

114 mm ice cream stick bundled unmilled

  • Sku: 015
  • length: 114
  • purchase: wholesale (1500 boxes and up)
  • model: standard
  • sorting: cassette bundles
  • packaging: corrugated box (10 000 pcs)
  • buffing: double
  • edges: sharp
  • Price per item: On demand


Material: Siberian birch wood

Size: 114x10x2 mm 

Quantity: 200 cassette bundles * 50pcs = 10 000 pcs in a corrugated box

Features: bundled, sharp edges, triple buffing, wax cured, grade ABC,

Supporting documents: Federal technical & export control passport, expert corollary

Price: no VAT

Buy ice cream sticks 114 mm

The SILVER BIRCH company offers ice cream sticks of two types - magnum & standard. Each shape can have rounded or straight edges, double or triple sbuffing.

Sticks for ice cream generally are milled and produced in sizes:

  • 93 * 10 * 2 mm
  • 114 * 10 * 2 mm

We supply ice cream sticks in bundles / bulk packages that are most convenient for your business.

Please note: to guarantee protection against moisture, the SILVER BIRCH company recommend to choose wax cured sticks.


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