140 mm wooden cosmetic spatula

140 mm wooden cosmetic spatula

140 mm wooden cosmetic spatula

  • Sku: 059
  • length: 140
  • purchase: wholesale (1500 boxes and up)
  • packaging: corrugated box (6 000 pcs)
  • buffing: double
  • edges: smooth
  • Price per item: On demand


Suitable for working with hot wax, evenly distributes the composition on the skin

Material: Siberian birch wood AB grade

Size: 140 x 18 x 1.6 mm 

Quantity: 100 pcs in one box sorted by 60 boxes in a bigge box (6 000pcs) or random

Features: smooth edges, buffing x2

Supporting documents: Federal technical & export control passport, expert corollary

Price: no VAT

Buy tongue depressors

Order safe, eco-friendly spatulas for medical and cosmetic purposes. Products are suitable for use in any specialization.

Choose a suitable spatula size of 140 * 18 * 1.6 mm:

  • width and thickness are standard;
  • length: 140 mm, 150 mm.

Then select the type of spatulas - sterile / non-sterile, and the method of packaging in boxes of 5000 pieces:

  • in bulk
  • 100 pieces in plastic bags.

You can buy a wooden spatula wholesale and retail. E-mail us to get individual terms.


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