Wooden flatware

Wooden flatware

Wooden flatware

Wooden cutlery for cooking and dining, can be used with hot or cold dishes

Smooth surface, light weight

Perfect for kids 

  • Sku: 063
  • packaging: corrugated box (500 pcs)
  • Price per item: On demand


Material: Siberian birch wood

Size: variable, individual projects

Quantity: 500 pcs packaging 

Quality: standard; naturally white

Features: smooth edges; minimal inclusion on the surface; buffing x3 

Documents: Quality passport.

*Recommendations: prior to use, it’s best to cover the surface with vegetable oil and wipe off the remains with paper napkin. The oil will crystallize and offer moisture resistance - this will improve storage.

Price: quantity dependent 



The "SILVER BIRCH" production company begins its story in 2009
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