114 mm ice cream stick bundled milled custom logo

114 mm ice cream stick bundled milled custom logo

114 mm ice cream stick bundled milled custom logo

  • Sku: PM114-50-10000 (FPB)
  • Purchase: WHOLESALE
  • Size: 114x10x2
  • Model: standard
  • Sorting: cassette bundles
  • Packaging: corrugated box (10 000 pcs)
  • Buffing: triple
  • Edges: rounded
  • Price per item: On demand


Material: Siberian birch wood

Size: 114x10x2 mm 

Quantity: 200 cassette bundles * 50pcs, 10 000 pcs per box 

Features: bundled, milled, rounded edges, triple buffing, wax curring custom logo, grade ABC

Supporting documents: Federal technical & export control passport, expert corollary

Price: no VAT


Wooden stick branding

Company Silver Birch offers a big variety of branded sticks, certified by international quality standards. All purpose sticks of a required quantity always can be ordered at Silver Birch. Production volume – 13 M production units a day. Our optimal logistic routes can guarantee right on time deliveries.

Branding of sticks and other wooden products for business / crafts are fulfilling customers from 15 countries. The logo is hot stamped – it is a reliable method that puts a definite picture or writing onto a white birch stick.


Choose best certified product from a company that succeeds on the market for 10 years time:

  • Ecologically clean Siberian birch

  • Nobel white appearance

  • double or triple buffing

  • smoothed edges

  • 8% moisture content – long shelf life


Working at wholesales and lesser wholesale orders for branded sticks. Low cost of sticks and logotyping at our factory reducing the price and provides stylish quality products. Working with us - easy & comfortable!


Deliveries around Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States using rational logistic routes, delivered in boxes, vehicles and containers.


The "SILVER BIRCH" production company begins its story in 2009 Since 2021, the Silver Birch TM has officially passed to Dartex LTD, which now supplies our products for export.