Production of disposable tableware made of wood

wooden disposable tableware-wooden

Disposable wooden cutlery is utility, style and safety. Today, wood successfully replaces plastic that is harmful to health. This flatware will significantly improve your image among customers and employees.

A large team of employees, guests of an outdoor event, customers of a take away or fast food restaurant will be glad to use good-looking eco-friendly wooden utensils.

We have been producing eco-friendly wooden products for more than 10 years. When you choosing our disposable wooden cutlery, you get the perfect quality: smooth surface, safe edges, sustainability. All products are produced with a low level of residual humidity. It means that the tableware will be stored for a long time and will not lose their properties.

Disposable wooden cutlery

Cutlery sets consist of forks, knives and spoons. Each item is available for order separately and in a set. Here you can buy wooden cutlery wholesale and retail. Tableware is convenient for use at home, in the office and business (cafes, hotels, etc.).

Our disposable cutlery is certified by international standards. Flatware relate to consumable products that can be required by everyone at any time. We accept orders for wholesale and retail deliveries for business and personal purposes.

Buy wooden disposable tableware

The company "SILVER BIRCH" produces cutlery from environmentally friendly Siberian birch. We produce aesthetic wooden disposable tableware and make deliveries to 15 countries around the world.

Safety and quality, just-in-time delivery, low wholesale prices - the "SILVER BIRCH" company is happy to provide you with its advantages.

The production capacity of our factory allows to produce wooden disposable tableware in the amount of 13 million units per day. Therefore, all our customers receive deliveries on time.

Use the company catalog to buy cutlery in the quantity you need, choose the appropriate product parameters and the method of packaging. At our factory, the production of disposable tableware is carried out in large volumes. We are one of the largest manufacturers in Russia.

The price of disposable wooden tableware is given for each type of product. We pack cutlery in boxes of 10,000 pieces. The minimum order size is 100 pieces.

Delivery to anywhere in the world is possible by road or rail. Ask clarifying questions by phone.


We ship to the terminal of the transportation company

Shipping is carried out by transportation companies or courier services at their current rates. We process each request individually - contact your manager to specify the terms and conditions of delivery.


The "SILVER BIRCH" production company begins its story in 2009 Since 2021, the Silver Birch TM has officially passed to Dartex LTD, which now supplies our products for export.