93 mm craft sticks

93 mm craft sticks

93 mm craft sticks

Flat sticks used for crafting 

Crafting with kinds

Only highest grade timber includes

  • Sku: PT93-100
  • Purchase: retail
  • Size: 93x10x2
  • Packaging: transparent 100 pcs
  • Price per item: 1.20


Material: Siberian white birch

Size: 93x10x2 mm

Quantity: 2x50 pcs a pack

Features: Smooth edges, buffing x2, safe for kid's use

Supporting documents: Quality Standards Passport 

Price: no VAT

buy craft sticks 93 mm

Offering eco-clean colored wooden sticks for creativity. The product is suitable for children and adults, it is recommended for any use, except for contact with food and drinks. Sticks for creativity can be waxed at your request.

Choose the right stick size for your creativity:

  • width and thickness are standard;
  • length: 93 mm, 114 mm.

Then choose the method of packing sticks for creativity (standard packing - scattering):

bags 15 kg, 19 kg.
We accept wholesale and small wholesale orders for sticks for creativity. Details can be clarified by phone or e-mail.


Deliveries around Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States using rational logistic routes, delivered in boxes, vehicles and containers.


The "SILVER BIRCH" production company begins its story in 2009