140 mm ooden SPOON

140 mm ooden SPOON

140 mm ooden SPOON

Premium quality disposable wooden spoonWooden spoon

Material: Siberian white birch

Color: Natural

Size: 160 mm.

  • Sku: LD140-50-3000
  • Purchase: retail
  • Type: spoon 140, 160 mm
  • Length: 140
  • Sorting: 50 pcs bundles
  • Packaging: corrugated box 3000 pcs
  • Price per item: 2.32


Our disposable spoons are made from ECO-FRIENDLY material - birchwood veneer. Their basic advantages are their simplicity, heat resistance, but also is that they do not emit chemical elements mainly when exposed to high temperatures. Biodegradable wooden cutlery is ecologically safe, easily utilized.

The main advantage of our disposable wooden spoons is ecological footprint, hygiene and compactness.

Forks and many of other our tableware are comfortably fitted into formats of Take away, fast food, outdoor functions, banquet, hiking. Disposable wooden cutlery is simplifying Catering services, serving gets easy with taking minimum space whilst being reasonably durable.


Deliveries around Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States using rational logistic routes, delivered in boxes, vehicles and containers.


The "SILVER BIRCH" production company begins its story in 2009