Dec. 3, 2019

Beware of the Plastic stirrers

Beware of the Plastic stirrers

Do you have plastic utensils in your kitchen? Or lately, have you had experience mixing plastic stirrers inside a cup of warm brew? Despite being one of the most pervasive materials on the planet, plastic and its impact on human health remain poorly understood.

Research into the human health impacts of plastic must recognize that significant, complex, and intersecting human health impacts occur at every stage of the plastic lifecycle: from wellhead to refinery, from store shelves to human bodies, and from waste management to ongoing impacts as air, water, and soil pollution.

Although, several plastic types are commonly used in wide spectrum of utensils and appliances. It is safe for humans as long as used correctly. However most plastic utensils and packaging material breaks down into harmful substances simply over time, others become toxic when heated.

Coffee to go is not only coffee and go.

Several researches discover and prove the actual harm related to the industry of plastic. claims so that even "friendly" paper cups for coffee contained elements harmful for human health specially when they are exposed to high temperatures.

Contact to hot water, will result in immediate release of harmful bonds and toxic elements. 

Not one of us has the time to waste, desire to study the problems associated with plastic. Especially when on the price tags of containers and utensils in the supermarket it says: "food grade".

Almost all frequently used utensils are marked with PS markings - which means that they are made of polystyrene. This substance is harmless until exposed to hot temperatures. Even coffee vapor releases toxic substances from a polystyrene lid which closes a coffee cup. What are these substances? Listed below are only substances that are studied to the extent of what are the effects on human health.

Styrene is a carcinogen, extremely harmful to the body in any quantity. Known to be the cause of chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys, circulatory and nervous systems.

Melamine - accumulates in the body, over time causes problems with the urinary system, contributes to the formation of kidney stones.

Benzene, ethyl benzene, toluene, carbon monoxide are highly toxic compounds. Known to negatively affect mental activity, cause headaches, insomnia.

Biphenyl A - extremely harmful to the liver, heart and blood vessels, respiratory tract. Promotes the development of diabetes, causes complications during pregnancy, causes irreversible changes in the reproductive system.

By stirring sugar in hot coffee \e with a plastic stick, we expose our body to an additional toxic shock. Such processes cannot be felt physically while drinking a drink saturated with harmful elements. It is possible to fully realize this effect only after some time, when the accumulated substances will lead to diseases of internal organs.

Attention! Polystyrene is not recycled. It cannot be burned, since when it burns, it decomposes into dangerous toxic compounds. There are only few PS recycling plants, not barely in every city. This means that every plastic plate or even a stirring stick remains in the landfill for hundreds of years.

What can be done?

Not everyone has the patience to sort garbage and recycle it to protect nature. But starting by taking care of one's health is important for everyone. Especially when it is so simple.

Reduction of dangerous diseases can happen if we abandon the most harmful plastic products. Develop the habit of drinking coffee from ceramic dishes or thermo mugs, use wooden stirrers.

Choosing pure wood products, we protect our bodies from toxic compounds and taking care of the environment.

Take care of yourself - use natural products!